Goethe House, birthplace of Johann Wolfgang Goethe
Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Germany's most celebrated author, was born in this four-story townhouse in Frankfurt's old town in 1749. A multi-talented bard, Goethe wrote poetry and prose, scientific papers and memoirs, and more than 10,000 letters. Mozart and Beethoven were among the many composers who set his words to music. Filled with period art and antiques, the house has exhibits on Goethe's life in Frankfurt as well as his early works and inspirations. The adjoining museum, housed in a modern glass-fronted building, contains art by German painters of the Romantic period. Goethe House, Grosser Hirschgraben 23 - 25, 60311 Frankfurt, Hesse Germany; +49 69 138 800

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very unique but I recommend going there with a tour guide because there are very interesting stories connected to the house and Goethe's life. Without a guide you would just see an old and interesting house without some real value. Anyways its a great place worth seeing.

It's inspiring to see where one of the world's greatest minds grew up. Definitely check it out.

What a waste of time. The ticket is quite cheap, so it annoyed me mostly because I could have done something different while I was in Frankfurt. Basically you get to see the poets house. But then nothing is genuine. The house was destroyed during the war so everything is a reconstruction. Then you get to see the old furniture of the time, but that's something you can see in so many museums. In this case many things are even made of plastic. Also if you are looking forward to learn something, forget it! There isnt any information apart from a little plastered paper that you can bring with you. Finally the art gallery has some information but everything is in german! To make matters worse, the staff selling the tickets were incredibly rude. To conclude: especially if you never read anything by goethe, avoid this museum! You will be bored and frustrated!

Honestly, I was expecting more than just it. It has nothing to really be seen beside of a house.

I like it, nice feeling to get an idea about the daily life some hundred years ago but then I've come to know that Goethe stayed many more houses just like the one in Strasbourg :)

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