Full-day Tokyo cultural tour
This morning, your private guide will meet at your hotel at 9 a.m. and drive you in a spacious private vehicle to Tsukiji morning market. Tsukiji is one of the largest wholesale fish markets in the world, importing a diversity of seafood from 60 countries on six continents. Stroll around the outer-market before entering the actual wholesale market, where you will see fish and seafood being prepared and sold. Sample some fresh sushi at a nearby restaurant. Next, we'll take a pleasant and peaceful stroll in Hamarikyu Garden, a vast landscaped park in the middle of Tokyo characterised by its tranquility. When we reach the reach the pier we'll board a cruise boat and sail down the Sumida River to Asakusa, discovering Tokyo’s skyline and bridges from a different perspective. Asakusa is one of Tokyo oldest and best-preserved districts and on arrival we'll walk along the Nakamise Dori merchant street to reach the Sensoji Temple, marked by its huge lantern. The Nakamise Dori merchant street dates back to the Edo period when the temple’s neighbours were given special permission to open their shops in the approach to the temple. Your guide will lead you to small streets where you can still feel the presence of Ancient Japan. You then have the choice of participating in one of two private traditional ceremonies, a Japanese tea ceremony or a calligraphy class. We finish the day with a visit to the Ginza district, known for having the most expensive real estate on earth and home to some of the country’s most prestigious companies, numerous brand shops, department stores, boutiques, bars and restaurants. Here, architects rival in imagination with fashion designers from all over the world, including the Swatch and the Hermes buildings. Also take some time to visit some of Ginza’s famous department stores, especially their basement floors and high-end food courts, where Tokyoites buy their delicacies.

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So many fresh seafood options here! Restaurants, quick bites, groceries, dried food, gifts, and etc! Very overwhelming experience. Streets are packed during peak times. The street food vendors are very busy and there are only small fold up tables where you can stand at to eat your food. Some of them are so busy you may not get to try what they're offering! There are also dozens of sit down restaurants that offer amazing bowls. Definitely a wonderful experience

Did the tour at 5am. Get there AT LEAST 1.5 hours ahead of time if you wan to get on the first tour. There are two but not sure what the differences are. I mean, it's frozen fish. How different can it be? It's quite interesting but not a bucket list thing as you literally just stand and watch the auction then are paraded out of the fish room. The surrounding market is fascinating as you get to see the day to day workings of the market and it's people. Well worth seeing that.

A must have experience when in Tokyo. Try out the fresh seafood and sushi. Just be mindful that the pricing usually starts from 500yen onwards and you might end up spending more than intended. In addition, do visit earlier as most of the stores start closing from 1330h onwards.

So much to eat and so much to not eat (: There is fresh fish and some fired up. The market is spread over a large area. Some indoors some in the open. Each section has a different feel to it and hence warrants a visit. There are some brilliant restaurants within the market where you can try freshest sushi. However, the good ones have long lines and can close as early as 10:30 am. So plan your visit wisely.

Was a very interesting experience and well worth a visit! Better than I was expecting with plenty of street stalls cooking fresh seafood and even fresher food packaged to take home! My wife was also very happy with the Japanese carbon knives that we bought as they were high quality and decent price.

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