experimental cuisine at Belcanto
Once known largely for bacalhau (dried cod), quaint old coffee houses and louche taverns, the Portuguese capital now claims a range of restaurants. Seafood remains a staple, but the trend is for modern, sophisticated and affordable. A high bar is set by wunderkind chef José Avillez at his Michelin-starred Belcanto

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Marvelous foods. We went there for lunch and learned that same menu is offered for dinner which was nice since dinner was all booked. The teaser starters were amazing. Pleasantly surprise with eatable rocks (pretty cool experience.) Well balanced flavors and excellent presentation. Most amazing fish dish I've had, it was perfect and definitely a highlight of the experience.

Creative and delicious menu. We ordered the top set menu (16 courses) and most of the dishes were incredible. But it was just too much food. The weakest dish was the weird thing they do with the prawn head in a biscuit (that you can't eat) cave. Really unnecessary. The tuna in the flowers was one of the best things I have every eaten, as was the eel with the yolk. The service was a little confusing and weird, one waiter had the quietest voice and we could barely hear what he was saying. Great wine menu. Highly recommend if you are looking for fine dining in Lisbon, just order one of the shorter / cheaper menus, because the big one is just impossible.

My husband and I had dinner there last night. One of the worst experiences we have both had. Out of the 15 courses, 9 of them were seafood... nothing special at all. To top it all off the wine combination was not good. A very disappointing experience to say the least. Our first but last experience....never again.

Excellent food, beautifully presented. Every dish makes your taste buds dance! My only criticism is that the waiters are a bit robotic.

Expected more from this 2-Michelin star restaurant. Had the 'Lisboa' menu, where only 1 out of 5 dishes was truly outstanding, the rest was rather average (for a 'haute cuisine' restaurant). Table service was way too stiff; the highlight was the sommelier, helpful and competent. Overall, not the unforgettable dining experience we were hoping for.

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