Dome of the Rock
Jerusalem's most recognisable building is the golden Dome of the Rock, a seventh-century Islamic shrine within the walled Old City. It sits on a high platform known as Haram Al Sharif or Temple Mount

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The most beautiful place I've ever been too, there are so many details, which makes the artwork incredible. A lot of gold and other noble materials were used to build such a beautiful place and in the middle of it is the rock from which our prophet went to heaven. I think it's a shame that only Muslims can see the inside of it and furthermore you need to prove that you're a Muslim, which is in my eyes not something that has a clear definition and this results in a long questioning in front of the dome, so he believes you that you're Muslim and let's you in. 😍😍😍

Amazing amazing place with great significance for Muslims and a great example of Islamic Architecture . Refresh and rejuvenate your faith. If you have the chance go under the rock and pray where the greatest Prophet, Muhammadur RasoolUllah SAWS prayed and also where the great Prophet Ibrahim Alaihis Salaam prayed

Amazing site, however be warned of entry times. It is a limited place for non Muslims to enter. Enter through western wall.

Amazing place to visit I had a great time there.

Amazing place. Recommend everyone to come and see. It's totally safe, and people here is nice. Remember to wear pants. Womens should wear full clothing and bring hijab to cover hair.

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