Damascus Gate
Damascus Gate is one of the main entrances to the Old City of Jerusalem. It is located in the wall on the city's northwest side where the highway leads out to Nablus, and from there, in times past, to the capital of Syria, Damascus; as such, its modern English name is Damascus Gate, and its modern Hebrew name, Sha'ar Shkhem (שער שכם‎), meaning Shechem Gate, or Nablus Gate. Of its Arabic names, Bab al-Nasr (باب النصر) means "gate of victory," and Bab al-Amud (باب العامود) means "gate of the column." The latter name, in use continuously since at least as early as the 10th century, preserves the memory of a design detail dating to the 2nd century AD Roman era gate

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The main gate take you direct inside the old city through the Arabic market road path toward all defferent quarters of the old city. a unique and amazing rich cultural place when the three big religions are meeting and coexisting together

One of the most notable gates of old Jerusalem. The major difference is, however, you can seat in nice steps facing towards the gate. Very pleasant at the evening time (specially, for tired you on walking the entire day at the old city).

Main gate to Muslim quarter. Heavily guarded unfortunately. Beautiful and lively place

Always busy. Great and colourful market for every need.

You feel like you will be killed by one of these Muslim murderers here. Thank G-d that the IDF has many soldiers stationed here.

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