Confeitaria Nacional
Open since 1829, the sixth-generation family pastry shop is fanciful and opulent, with decorative woodwork, a mirrored ceiling, and marble counters. This is one of the oldest confeitarias in Portugal, with a spiral staircase leads up to the tea room on the second floor. The shop first gained renown in the 19th century, when the owner invited bakers and chefs from France and Spain to teach the art of pastry. In 1873, Confeitaria Nacional became the official supplier of the Casa Real (Royal Household).

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It's a nice place with good food, BUT people, (especially tourists) should pay attention because we were robbed here. Four of us were sitting at the table having breakfast when someone took an entire bag right off our chair (with a wallet, passports, glasses etc.). The staff told us this happens all the time to tourists at this place. The thiefs here are VERY SKILLFUL, so watch out!

This is a great option for a pastry shop in Lisbon. Besides the fact that it is a traditional place, with many years of history, it has a well decorated environment and, more importantly, it has a great variety of options. It’s bread (homemade recipe) is just delicious as it is the hot chocolate and the coffee. If the ground floor is full (usually this happens) you can go upstairs and will find much more tables and more staff to help you with your order.

Walked in this place because its attracted Christmas outfit decoration. A very typical style. Tried the pastel de nata and coffee. Quite disappointed. The price is at the top of pyramid for this famous dessert. However, the key point is they are not tasty. It is over sweet for me and the crust is soft instead of "crust". Although the location of the shop can not be better in the city center.

Prices are high, but kind of understandable (this is the Lisbon Airport branch, after all). The service is incredibly bad, the staff is rude and slow. I won't be coming back.

I loved this place!! I could have tried everything, but I am on a diet so just tried the Pastel de Nata and the Rosca de tried which is only made near Christmas in honor of the Three Kings. Loved the decor.

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