Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Christianity's most venerated site

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Totally awestruck. So much history converges in Jerusalem and especially this sacred church. Men, do not wear shorts of any kind or you won't be able to enter the crucifixion shrine or Jesus' burial cave. Totally worth being hot throughout the day. Great food all around this city.

This ancient church is quite incredible. It is a place where you can spend many hours, especially with an expert guide or guidebook. That this is the site of the key events in the passion of Jesus Christ is historically verifiable. The site matches closely the biblical accounts, as well as non-biblical accounts, and the best of archaeology. So within this eclectically decorated space is the location of the crucifixion, descent from the cross, the burial and the resurrection of Jesus. The artwork that adorns the various spaces tells the story of salvation across both Hebrew and Christian scriptures, as well as key moments in the traditions that care for different sections under the Status Quo. The crowds that flock to the church from every variation within the Christian church are not well catered for, which can diminish the sacred experience very quickly. So take the chance to arrive soon after it opens at 4am, or book in to stay during the night, and you will have a better chance of tasting the wonders of this place.

I was able to spend the whole night in prayer. Amazing experience feeling the thru presence of Jesus.

A little underwhelming on the outside, nothing special (stylistically/architecturally) on the inside - there are more interesting churches in Israel and in Europe, but worth a visit for the religious significance and e interesting mix of different branches of Christianity. Expect to be ushered out by unsmiling priests if anyone in the group is wearing shorts.

Quite pilgrim-touristic, it feels almost a little haunted - it's the atmosphere inside. Also, the fact that churches fight over this place leaves it uninspiring.

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