Central Park
The swath of green gives respite from the cities concrete. It took 16 years and over 500,000 trees to complete

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We visited before Christmas on a Girls Trip. We took a pedicab tour through the park and had a great time. Be sure to negotiate a good price, they are very flexible. Our drivers were very knowledgeable about the park and also hilarious. They pointed out interesting spots that were used for many movies and television shows. We were able to get out and make some photos. If you’ve never been, I would recommend doing a pedicab. It’s a great way to get familiar with the park. It’s such a beautiful place in the middle of the city!

I love Central Park! It is an amazing park with tons to see and do. We rented bikes and rode around the park. You can see it quickly by bike in 1.5 hours, but recommended at least 3-4 hours to stop and check a few things out. You could spend easily all day here if you wanted to. You can also get around the park by a bike taxi or horse drawn carriage...he wise and choose a good tour guide for either of these options. Spring and fall would be the best time of year to visit. Get a park map so you don't get lost, and can find all the attractions and bathrooms. Stay out of the park past dark.

A great space in this overly busy city, lots to see with great view and areas used in the movies. Some paths are cleared in the winter but so easy are left and it can be easy to wonder off them when everything is covered in snow. If your just going to wonder up as a tourist aim to come out on the west side. That's where the subways mostly are. Also the natural history museum which is also worth a visit.

Lovely park in Manhattan!! There is always something new to experience here! Nice walking and biking paths. Nice grass areas for relaxing and having picnics. Lots of nice bridges. A great place to do photo shoots! This a clean park and you will enjoy your time spent here.

Central Park is ALL that. Take a stroll through this very world famous park known for its small lakes, beautiful bridges, a castle, and even a zoo! You can very easily get lost here. My sense of direction was tricked quite easily when I decided to not use Google Maps. I simply simply got lost in its beauty. Watching joggers, runners, and walkers passing by is very common here, and this beautiful piece of nature is quite large. This piece of wilderness in the middle of a huge city is a welcome sight. There is a hidden gem here which is a zoo. This small zoo features a Snow Leopard, Couple of Grizzly Bears, and my favorite, a trio of California Sea Lions, one of which is a rescue sea lion from my home state of California. There is much to see here at Central Park from Horse- drawn carriages, to the beautiful trees in their Autumn/ fall colors, to small creatures. The sound of birds, honking horns all provide a kind of musical background to it all. Central Park is a very enjoyable place. There is much to see, hear, and do. Probably best enjoyed during the day, to early eve.

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