Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp
An absolutely stunning building visible from almost everywhere in Antwerp. The simple lines of the gold clock face is a striking addition

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The most beautiful place in Antwerp, for sure! This Gothic style cathedral is probably the focal point of beauty in the entire city of Antwerp. It's full of intricate works. And I mean both on the outside and on the inside. Made out of stone, out of wood, painted - the cathedral has it all. Once you're inside and you're lucky enough to hear the organ play, you will be blown away by this experience. The tall style of the building and the organ will really shake you to the core and make you feel awe. Another great thing is the area around the cathedral, on the outside. There are many beautiful historic houses and it's the perfect place to feel and experience what the place might have been like back in history. It's definitely a trip that's worth doing for anyone. Even if you don't usually like cathedrals or churches or mass - you don't often get to see a gigantic monument of culture like this one. It's the real experience and will make you and whoever is coming with you remember what's possible for humans. If we work together, we can even build a giant, beautiful building to come together for hundreds of years.

With relatively inexpensive ticket there is lot to see in the cathedral. Beautiful paintings, high ceilings and even a crypt. Leaflet given at the booth nicely points out things to see and gives information about them.

Looks fantastic from the outside, and so does it from the inside, too. The Christmas Mass yesterday was beautiful, even for those not being deeply religious. The Rubens collection inside is simply fantastic, it's a little piece of history and it also is surprising to see how openly they are exhibited contrary to some museums also holding masterpieces from Rubens. A must see place if visiting Antwerp!

The first thing to do in Antwerp is that visiting Cathedral of our lady. The cathedral is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. Until the re-opening of the KMSKA, the Cathedral of Our Lady is hosting the exhibition “REUNION. From Quinten Metsijs to Peter Paul Rubens. Worth visiting!

Beautiful cathedral - number 1 till now among the ones seen in Belgium. A lot of paintings from flamand painters like Reubens. It's worth to pay 6 euro and visit it.

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