Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Large European capitals such as London, Paris, Berlin and Madrid may have blockbuster art collections, but Lisbon's half million inhabitants have access to their own rare panoply. The classic is the Gulbenkian Foundation, where superlative Oriental and Western art occupies an airy 1960s building and landscaped gardens.

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One of the most amazing museum i have visited in my life. Fantastic collection, from antiquity to 21st century. BUt what really amazed me the most is the way these objects are displayed in a simple and harmonious way. In some museums it is very easy to be overwhelmed by the number of displayed objects where as here, you can just appreciate each one of the pieces displayed.

Great art, temporary exhibitions and bookshop. Also hosts great conferences, lectures and concerts. Restaurant with good food but small, expensive and with international cuisine.

Wonderful place in Lisbon. The Museum and its collections are great. The surrounding gardens are lovely to walk in. A "lung" in the centre of the city!

Amazing foundation with beautiful gardens and a great museum. I attended a conference here and the facilities were qute good. Some of the conference rooms have great massive glass walls looking out into the gardens (which is very nice - sometimes a little distracting when kids are playing in the gardens -maybe I need to learn to concentrate more.)

Everything and anything about this place deserves superlatives: from the architecture, to the venues, to the exhibitions, to the lectures, to the art, to the parks, to the people, to the food...THANK YOU GULBENKIAN

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