Cafe Kulminator
Kulminator is an excellent specialist bar, a pioneer in beer aging. Tucked away in a obscure street in the city centre, it's easily worth the effort of tracking it down. It's a long thin pub, with unspectacular, but cosy décor. On the way to the toilet you can see through a window into the temperature-controlled room where beers are ageing. I won't bore you with a long description, because the physical environment is almost irrelevant here. What's important is the beer. The beer selection is outstanding. Just the new beers would make it an excellent beer pub. What tips it over into the wonderful, is an unrivalled choice of old beers. Every vintage of Chimay Blue stretching back 10 years or more. Eldridge Pope Hardy Ale and Gales Prize Old Ale at drinking age (10 years old). Forgotten beers from long-closed breweries, beers never offically sold (I've had Westvleteren Green, the beer for the monastery's internal use, here once), anything you could dream about and more. It would take several weeks to exhaust the possibilities. World fame has not been kind to Kulminator's stocks of vintage beer. (Luckily, the unpoularity of this page leaves me blameless. Phew!) They didn't expect demand to be so big, when they started cellaring. Mass beer tourism must have come as a bit of a shock.

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Small local beer bar. They have a big selection of beers. It's cash only. They have some really old beers. The place it's very local. Looks like hoarders live there but it's part of the decor. It's a small place. The owners are very nice. Their brand of beers are really good and tasty. Again remember it's cash only. They have an eclectic clientele. Funny how people say they found this place by asking Google. Overall it's a great place to have some beers.

If I could give them 0 stars I would. I walked in a few months ago with a friend and they refused to serve us. There was tons of space too. I don't remember being treated like this before. It's a shame because I heard good things about that place...

One of the best pub in the world! It's an odd place , full of beer related decors. It always has great beer on tap and an amazing list of bottle including incredible vintage beers.

What a find! Completely unique place to taste and enjoy beer. Amazing and very friendly atmosphere. Owner and his wife are walking beer encyclopaedia. Worth a visit.

Amazing selection of craft beers. Run by a highly knowledgeable and charming older couple. Unique atmosphere: quiet; crammed chock full of beers, papers, and beer paraphernalia; ordering can on occasion take half an hour on account of the husband's bad knee and a general laid-back attitude shared by hosts and guests alike. A special place definitely worth a visit.

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