Bread Street Kitchen & Bar
Gordon Ramsay's world renowned gastropub comes to Atlantis, The Palm. Enjoy a simply delectable British menu and exquisite beverages, open daily as well as Friday brunch.

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Lovely atmosphere, great service, wife ordered butter chicken curry main and the chicken was inedible! Full of grizzle and cartilage! Spat most of it out! The waiter said it was corn fed Thai chicken which wasn’t breast! Really!!! Disgusting! Steak and lobster was perfect!

Loved this place! It was my favourite place to eat in the Atlantis. Due to food allergies- the chef made me a fresh pesto without garlic. The staff went above and beyond to make us happy. I would go back and definitely recommend this place.

I think I found my favorite restaurant! The food is amazing, not so pricy considering the standard of the place and the main chef behind it! We were welcomed with a smile and was asked if we have any food allergies and that is something I found great! The waiter was very classy and his choice of drinks were epic. Gordon Ramsay outdone himself!

Food was not as expected. Wellington was simply a rip off. In general waste of money and precious time. Terrible staff.

Unreal food and dining experience, waiter was Ryan from goa a total gentleman and very professional man at his job , Gordon Ramsay should be proud he has this man on his team 7 stars to this place not expensive as I was expecting

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