Big Fernand French Burger
Location: CityWalk I love CityWalk, and I often go there to enjoy a stroll especially during the cooler weather. It’a also a great chance to visit the newly opened BHV store (straight from Paris), have a coffee or to take a wander around The Green Planet, which I do when I am seriously missing some greenery. While I’m there, I always stop at Big Fernand before or after. I will always remember when it first opened in Paris. There was a line everyday in front of the small shop to get one of their homemade burgers. My meat lover friends always ask me the same question: “How can you not eat a real burger?” I always reply: “Well my dear friends, I don’t remember the last time I had any red meat so I don’t miss it. Plus, when you have the ‘Gaston’ option at The Big Fernand, I don’t need to eat meat to taste great flavour!” – Gaston is a mushroom burger with some amazing cheese from Savoie (The French Mountains).

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Great burgers and especially the fries are amazing! Probably the best fries I've eaten in Dubai so far! 😋

So here we have a French burger in Dubai : ) interesting!! The whole story started when I was offered to try their extra delicious fries!! The fries were literally delicious!! Probably the best I've ever had!! For the burger I would be fair and say that I didn't try all oftheir burgers yet, but for the one I tried it was average in a good way, the sauces they have are amazingly delicious also their own creation. They claimed that everything they serve is French in fact some of the staff were French as well, the drinks they serve can't be found somewhere else, the one I tried (A photo posted) was really a tasty soft drink that I would go solely their just to have it again. Outdoor seating is available, staff are really friendly and the atmosphere is lively.

Speciality burger

مطعم يستحق التجربة 👍🏻

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