Berry Bros. & Rudd
Britain's oldest wine merchants, Berry Bros & Rudd have dispensed rare vintages to bon viveurs since 1698. Still a. Family business, the shop has barely changed since the Widow Bourne opened The Coffee Mill, selling spices, tea and coffee. The original scales have been used to weigh famous customers (including Lord Byron and Napoleon III) for 300 years. A secret tunnel, now blocked, linked the Warren of cellars to St James' Palace, so royals could pay clandestine visits to the ladies of the night who frequented the shop. The shops cellars hold 100,000 bottles, but patrons' finest vintages - worth a staggering £650 million - are laid down in a warehouse in the less romantic Basingstoke.

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Wine, cheese pairing and knowledge. Very friendly, very reasonably priced. Sumptuous supper rooms downstairs for hire. Originally an emporium for tea and coffee, the shop only moved 4 months ago to pall mall but private clients can still go to the widows old shop on St. James's.

Amazing rooms in the cellars. Had lunch here with wine tasting. Amazing

What a brilliant place! Went in yesterday to get a bottle of port valued. Lovely people who really knew what they were talking about. Huge wine selection, fantastic!

I have done some businesses with them, buying wine in cases and participating in en primeur, but they have been ignoring my inquiry. What a poor service. Laithwaites offers much a better service, responding to my inquiries in a timely manner.

Wine tasting. not my cup of tea so i am not really qualified to give an opinion

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