Austrian Hospice
For Old City atmosphere, the 19th-century Austrian Hospice, at 37 Via Dolorosa (00 972 2626 5800; austrianhospice. com), is unbeatable. Dorms €24 per person, doubles €114, both with breakfast.

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It's a beautiful spot in the middle of all the chaos of the open market. The place itself is magical. But the coffee shop was mediocre at best. The apple strudel was hardly edible. HOWEVER, we didn't try the food and we did come on a Saturday which is very very crowded so I would still go again...

Located in Jerusalem Old City. Not the easiest place to find, and I've lived in Jerusalem my whole life. Ring the doorbell when you get there. The Caffè has a really nice atmosphere, but don't come with high expectations for the food. The view on the roof is beautiful (it will cost you 5 shekels to go up there). In short, it's a nice experience if you're in the Old City

Coffee, beer, great seating and a very nice atmosphere. I would definitely recommend visiting here. This place made me realize Jerusalem is probably the most culturally diverse city in the world! You step into this place and it seems as if you are in Austria with the classy art and the design of the place. Plus there is an excellent view from the roof! It's very easy to get into, just ring the bell on the left side of the door and they will let you in. It seemed closed at first glance, but just ring the bell!

An island of tranquility inside the old city chaos. Very good coffee & spaetzle. Don't miss the views from the roof.

Stop by for Apple Strudel with whipped cream. Get with espresso and eat in garden. Heaven.

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