Antiga Confeitaria de Belem
Pasteis de Nata, deliciously soft, sweet, custard tarts, are a cult in Lisbon. And one place is the undisputed master of making them. In Belem, just off the waterfront, is the Antiga Confeitaria de Belem - a blue and white-tiled temple to eggs, cream sugar and pastry. Their 170-year-old recipe is of course, a guarded secret, divulged to only three chefs at any one time. The result is delicious - perfectly browned, with individualism catered for with sachets of icing sugar and cinnamon. Turning out 16,000 tarts a day, and every one hand-made, this is worth a trip to Portugal alone.

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The best pastel de Nata in Portugal! Amazing place for an amazing price. You don't have to stand in a queue outside like a mindless sheep. You can sit inside as there are easily over 200 sitting places. Service is great! Efficient, smart, quick and kind enough. The food is delicious beyond understanding. The cafe dates back to early 1800 so it's quite a piece of history too. To be in Lisbon and not visit this place is a sin :)

If you arrive here when a tour is here or a cruise ship is in Dock in Lisbon its crazy 🤪 busy. If your Lucky you can find a seat.. The place is like a maze so don't be afraid to walk through the narrow corridors to different rooms where more seats are. You have to get the Portuguese custard tarts. If you don't then why are you even here? I had 4 they were amazing! Best I've ever had. Definitely worth the trip and fighting your way in!

The first thing you will see of this place right when you arrive in front of is a crowd and a big line coming out of the building. But there are more than a thousand reasons why to get that line and wait. The first one is that the staff is pretty fast, educated and helpful to get your order and bring it. The second is that this building has around 400 seats available to receive clients, so you can decide to get some delicacies to-go or eat it right inside. The third reason (and probably the most important of all) is that you will not forget how delicious and how tasteful its delicacies are, since the sweets until the sandwiches and salty products. Obviously, the “Pastel de Belém” is extremely delicious and has a crunchy butter pastry (somewhat hard to find in other places) and comes to you table very hot, what makes the great difference. It is a delicacy so good that you will want to take more back home or back to your hotel. A good tip (if I may) is to taste it with cinnamon or sugar on the top.

Being a Lisbon born and raised person, this is a city icon and a must go. The pastry “Pastel de Belém” is the best (in my opinion), despite other contestants on the rise (which are good as well!). Don’t be shy and go inside to check the kitchen and old bakers utensils they have in exhibition. Also, it’s a normal pastry and coffee place, so their menu is big! The service is usually pretty good with some occasional delay due to high number of customers. Enjoy!

Yes, it is true what they say. This place does deliver! I would recommend explore many rooms there and visit the farthest and biggest room there. Some men on a simple table played guitar and song Portuguese songs. Cool!

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