Al Fahidi Fort
Dubai Fort is situated at the south of Dubai Creek, at the Al Souk Al Kabir area which teems with vigorous trade and is close to the Ruler's Court (the monarch's divan). It was built back in 1787, about 200 years ago, as the premises of the monarch and a fort of defence, since it sat on the border of the urban Dubai at the time. Later on, this fort turned into an arsenal for artillery and weapons. It was also used as a prison for the outlaws. This fort was renovated during the reign of the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum. It was opened in 1971 (the year the federation was formed), to be an official museum that displays the history of Dubai and its original heritage. In 1995, another underground museum was established and added to the old fort.

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It's good museum which reflects history of Arab people in Dubai. It's ticket is just 3 Durhams so quite affordable for anyone. If you have interest in the history then this is a place for you to visit or if you are a employee & tired of arrogant Arab employer or his arrogant family then you must bring them to this museum to recall them that how poor their grand parents were just few decades ago & how their forefather used to live a hard life. May be after visiting this museum, they start to show respect to expats like you. Anyway, I like this place in Dubai.

Nice fort showing history of Dubai. The architecture is typically Arabian. Inside you can have the feel of how the old villages in the area must have felt. There are different boats and other things from the old era on display. In the basement there is a museum made of statues giving a fill of the old era and also a film showing how Dubai was made. The film shows in details of how small Dubai was and at what grand scale it got to. There is also a shop of memorabilia and other items where you can get many things like keychains, magnets, bags, etc.

A good place to get to know of Dubai's past. It's heritage and how it transformed itself. The place gives you a glimpse of the cultural past, the local customs and livelihoods of the people living here before it became melting pot of cultures from across the globe. It's a nice trip down the history. A good place to spend an hour or so and should be kept on the itenirary while visiting dubai.

Wow, this place is so beautiful, it looks small place but when you go to underground it is never ending 😝 and nicy designed. You will find all the history and culture of Dubai. There is a little shop on the ground level where you can buy beautiful arts by a famous artist.

Good museum gives you an idea of how Dubai has evolved, very interesting with good exhibits. Low entry fee. Quite remarkable to see the rapid progress that Dubai has made. A number of interactive exhibits.

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