Above Eleven Bar
Serving Peruvian/Japanese food, Above Eleven, on the 33rd floor of the Frasier Suites Sukhumvit, overlooks nightlife hotspot Sukhumvit soi 11. Filled with stretches of fake grass and wooden furniture, the restaurant aims to give diners a New York City Central Park vibe. That might be a bit of a stretch, but Above Eleven is certainly more relaxed than most sky high venues in the city and far more affordable. The menu is a mix of Peru's more iconic dishes such as ceviche and plates that highlight the Japanese influence on the South American country's cuisine, with various sushi, sashimi and tempura offerings given Peruvian twists -- referred to as "Nikkei cuisine" in Peru. Nice touches include comfy couches and a men's bathroom that lets diners relieve themselves while enjoying fantastic views of the city.

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Overall I loved this place. It is very beautiful from start to finish. The elevator up is pretty cool and takes you to this beautiful rooftop restaurant. Definitely make a reservation if you want proper seating. They play different music every night, so I would call if you want to know what the DJ will be playing. The cocktails are well crafted and delicious. I did not order any food, but from what I saw it all looked great. I was tempted! The staff was very attentive, maybe even a bit too much. That would be my only complaint. A waiter should be able to feel out their guest and know when they just want to relax and order bit by bit. Especially when we say it multiple times, haha. Cheers.

Nice place but the elevator is old and really slow. The beer was warm too. Maybe next time I'll try later in the evening. I was hoping to hear some deep house but they only played hip hop. Great view and food was tasty.

Go here for the view. Food and drinks are fine, okay, not outstanding. But the view is so nice! My husband said the view from the men's room was especially great, so make sure any guys you are with check out the bathroom!

Was here a couple of weeks back because my friend's boyfriend wanted to plan a surprise for her and propose to her then. He enlisted my help to be part of the scheme so I went to Above Eleven almost a week beforehand to explain the situation. The bar staff were tremendously helpful and supportive and on the night, they really made the proposal go so smoothly and even helped us video it. Big thank you especially to Rahul and Pravin for reserving a great table with a great view and being so helpful throughout, which made it so much more special for the happy couple. I can't recommend this place enough for the chilled-out classy vibe, the gorgeous views overlooking the city and the wonderful staff!

Awesome view, good location next to Sukhumvit road and some of the best cocktails I ever had! A total hot spot for cocktail lovers! Prices are half than other famous rooftop bars in the city. Total recommendation!

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