a visit to the Ginza district
You then have the choice of participating in one of two private traditional ceremonies, a Japanese tea ceremony or a calligraphy class. We finish the day with a visit to the Ginza district, known for having the most expensive real estate on earth and home to some of the country’s most prestigious companies, numerous brand shops, department stores, boutiques, bars and restaurants. Here, architects rival in imagination with fashion designers from all over the world, including the Swatch and the Hermes buildings. Also take some time to visit some of Ginza’s famous department stores, especially their basement floors and high-end food courts, where Tokyoites buy their delicacies.

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Quite possibly my favourite neighbourhood in Tokyo. It's quiet, away from the modern hustle and bustle, with lots of shops still run by grandmas and grandpas. The area is a perfect introduction to the older, traditional Tokyo before all the glitz and glamour. I love showing people around here, even outside the market district where you'll see what everyday life is like.

It's really just a normal shoutengai, but has a big reputation. Lots of cute shops, food and drink places. Sunstep stairs are nice too.

This a long old shopping strip dating back many years. A lot of these business are multigenerational and are still in the family. It's a quiet stroll with less tourists but that is slowly changing. One thing to notice is there are no electrical signs, which is a huge change if your coming from Many other Japanese cities. All the shop signs are wooden! It is said that if you find the Seven Lucky Cats then your wish will come true.

Away from the bustling of Tokyo lies this quiet street with shops and food. Lots of cute cat prints stuff if you are into cats. A rare find in Tokyo

Great jewelry and gold store, featuring a unique Christmas tree with 2018 real "Vienna Philharmonics" bullion gold coins :)

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