A hub in Frankfurt since 9th century - Römerberg
This cobblestone square in the old town has been a hub of Frankfurt life since the 9th century. It's served as a venue for many of the city's most important events, from imperial elections and medieval jousting to public executions and Christmas fairs. Here are found historic buildings including the Old Nikolai Church, St. Paul's Church and the structure from which the square takes its name -- the exquisite Römer, home of Frankfurt's city government for more than 600 years. The Imperial Hall displays the portraits of the 52 Holy Roman emperors. Due south of the square is the Frankfurt History Museum, highlighted by the permanent collection, "Collectors and Donors of Frankfurt," which features the private art and artifact collections of a dozen well-known Frankfurters. Frankfurter Romer, Roemerberg 27, 60311 Frankfurt, Hesse Germany;

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This is a beautiful square. It gets a little tight around the Christmas market, but at other times, the square is bordered by great restaurants and shops. Be critical of the souvenir vendors in that area. I couldn't distinguish if what they were offering were uniquely German items.

This square is beautiful! I went in December 2017 and the Christmas market was set up. It was magical. Definitely worth a visit!

Beautiful place to visit. The historical building add a fantastic charm to the place. A must visit during the Christmas market

Great historic town square. Easily accessible via public transport, and with good options for dining, shopping, and experiencing this particularly old part of Frankfurt. Love that Frankfurt's reputation as an expo city traces back to medieval times.

Lovely Christmas market area. Many stalls lined up and gave us a very good first impression of Germany's festive mood!

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