A hub in Frankfurt since 9th century - Römerberg
This cobblestone square in the old town has been a hub of Frankfurt life since the 9th century. It's served as a venue for many of the city's most important events, from imperial elections and medieval jousting to public executions and Christmas fairs. Here are found historic buildings including the Old Nikolai Church, St. Paul's Church and the structure from which the square takes its name -- the exquisite Römer, home of Frankfurt's city government for more than 600 years. The Imperial Hall displays the portraits of the 52 Holy Roman emperors. Due south of the square is the Frankfurt History Museum, highlighted by the permanent collection, "Collectors and Donors of Frankfurt," which features the private art and artifact collections of a dozen well-known Frankfurters. Frankfurter Romer, Roemerberg 27, 60311 Frankfurt, Hesse Germany;

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Great place. However, not all buildings are old. Designed and made to look very old, most of these buildings are quite new. But the old world charm of the place is not lost. Unfortunately, the time when we were there the Fountain of Justice was undergoing renovation. A short walk from here, takes you to the river. Carry your camera.

Beautiful panoramic picture can be taken from beautiful building around the old city of Frankfurt am Main, the place really is worth visiting.. The one that I love from Deutsche is their respect to silent and willingness to speak in English..

A great traditional square of Bavarian style buildings, lots of restaurants serving traditional German food and souvenir shops. It is filled to the brim with market stalls during festivals and is a must visit on these occasions, if you can push through the crowds

Central square in Frankfurt. If you don't know, Frankfurt was completely destroyed during the war, with it, its old town ceased to exist. After the war, there was a competition to build a square that looked exactly like what it was before the war and it matches all the little towns around the Hesse State. It's cute, it has the town hall, a cathedral, lots of restaurants and souvenir shops, and it's pretty close to the river.

There's been about a billion wonderful visits to Frankfurt that either started here or went through here ... this is THE place to be!!!

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