a beer and a prayer at Elfde Gebod
Get yourself a drink and gaze through the bubbles to the rippling figures of saints. Well, religious figures at least, look down on you from every corner of this intriguing cafe. But go ahead and enjoy your beer in their presence, after all, isn't Belgium, famous for its beer-making monks?

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The most unique bar restaurant ever! A feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Great range of local beers and very good food. Service excellent and friendly. A must visit!

Recommended by locals. Just steps away from De Kathedraal. Well hidden somehow from the touristy crowd. When compared to the flip opposite side of Di Giovanni. Dinning like inside a surrealistic chapel, with out of count number of saints statues, in a random order, yet comfortable setting. Until seeing the staff and then comes with a recommended local beer, eyes just can’t held keep on curiously looking around. Got a seat, guess just lucky as it was early before 5:30pm, otherwise make reservations if want to have a good spot. Friendly, helpful and efficient service.

Great atmosphere. Cool young staff and awesome beers. I had the soup and it was superb. May look touristy but legit.

You absolutely have to see that one when you are in Antwerp! I got to know this pub as a student some 25 years ago and I was overjoyed to see the place hasn't changed a bit. Always remember the long lost 11th commandment: YOU SHALL ENJOY!

Very cosy atmosphere ("gezellig" in Dutch) with an extensive drink and food menu. It has a great location and the building looks amazing. If you want to go for dinner, you have to make a reservation, preferably a few days in advance. Otherwise they are just full. No 5 stars because I do find them a bit overpriced.

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