a beer and a prayer at Elfde Gebod
Get yourself a drink and gaze through the bubbles to the rippling figures of saints. Well, religious figures at least, look down on you from every corner of this intriguing cafe. But go ahead and enjoy your beer in their presence, after all, isn't Belgium, famous for its beer-making monks?

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Beautiful bar near Antwerp cathedral, decorated with all sorry of religious status and sculptures. Nice meals, wonderful beers. A must, if you come to Antwerp you need to take a drink here

It has kind of a cool and nice atmosphere with all the Maris statues inside. Really cool. A place to visit maybe once, but the drinks are way to overpriced. 5 bugs for a koninck (Antwerp brewed beer)? Better to go two places further. Didn't eat there though.

Increíble ambience. You could say you are in an old European church.. until the waiter comes with your Belgium beer .. very cozy and well hidden from touristic masses

This is the place to have very delicious beers.... And believe me... I been traveling for many years and i hardly find places like this one....try the beer made by the monks... Dont remember the name... But .. certainly a piece of heaven!!!!!

Rude staff. I didn't know his language but I read other customers' faces and understood he said bad words.

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