2 nights at Beniya Mukayu
Unwind in the calmness of this luxury Japanese ryokan, and it wont take you long to feel like you’re immersed in tranquility. You can start your day with yoga, take part in a traditional tea ceremony and finish it the hotel’s hot springs. Combining Japanese and western decor, the 17 guest rooms and suites are all decorated uniquely. Comprising of solely Japanese-style rooms, Western-style rooms and some of which are a hybrid between the two, this ryokan is like no other. The hotel’s architecture elegantly emphasises contrast between light, shade and neutral colours creating a peaceful atmosphere for total relaxation. During your stay taste the phenomenal Kaiseki cuisine in the inclusive 10-course meal. With a strong cultural emphasis on fresh, local produce enjoy the exquisite flavours of this region.

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Fantastic, modern onsen resort with a minimalist design. Food is mostly locally sourced and truly enjoyed the kaiseki dinner and Japanese breakfast. Service was super friendly and plenty of English speaking staff onboard.

Staff is excellent, English friendly. Onsen is a delight!

Beniya Mukayu was an otherworldly place to stay during our time in Japan. We are looking for a higher-end ryokan experience. For us, a private onsen and the quality of the restaurant were my determining factors in selecting Beniya Mukayu. We were pleased to say the least! From the opening tea ceremony with the owner to the spa to the accommodating staff- this is the best lodging experience i have ever had. The two dinners and two breakfasts we enjoyed were incredible. I cannot recommend this ryokan more highly.



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