The best Gin bars around the world

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Fancy a tipple of Mothers Ruin in the perfect joint
Drinks to fall in love with The G&T Bar is dedicated to the love of gin. A place for anyone wanting to experience the full range of this classic drink under hushed lights. The drink that paved its way through India into the hands of the late Queen Mother is also a staple here in Berlin’s Monbijouplatz. Located on the ground floor of Hotel ZOE, the bar is a temple of the King of Long Drinks. Surrounded by dark velvet, gold and accentuated light, an evening in Berlin is transformed into a moment not bound by space and time, where simple enjoyment is all that counts. All different kinds of gins and tonics await in diverse combinations made to your taste.
Home is ... ... is where the gin. A bar with an extensive drink card in a living room setting with a lovely Chesterfield and well-stocked bookcase. A wide range of drinks which recently Vermouth is added. Come and let us know what your perfect serve or choose the beer that suits you. -THE BEST TONIC HAS A LARGE GIN IN IT-
Gin was the predominant drink in the United States during the Prohibition-Era 1920's and many variations were created. "Bathtub gin" was developed in response to the poor-quality of alcohol that was available at the time; because of the 18th Amendment specifically prohibiting the sale or manufacture of distilled alcohol, producers of gin were forced to use denatured alcohol. By mixing it with other flavorings, such as juniper berries, and allowing the mixture to steep in a tub for several hours or even days, the gin became more drinkable.
What’s it all about? 12 years on Gin Palace is still making and is most highly renowned for outstanding martinis. And that is one of many reasons why this plush den is an institution today. The menu has changed little and Vernon himself will tell you that Gin Palace martinis are made exactly the same today as they were when he opened (Gin Palace’s Martini Master Class is available upon request). This fact, along with ‘we never close’ hours, the very gorgeous staff who offer table service as good as the best and in the traditions of grand hospitality, Gin Palace provides guests with a choice of delectable tidbits, to ensure that every sense of gustatory well-being is entirely satiated… hmmmm! And let’s not forget that although Gin Palace is about gin, gin and more gin parleeeease… the martini menu is hard to beat; the cocktail list is created by bartenders who are oh so hot right now; and the back bar is stocked to the brim with liquor old and new. However, if a martini is not for you (although I must insist you try one of Gin Palace’s if you’ve not already!), the reserve wine menu, otherwise known as Vernon’s Crusty Old Wines, may be more suited to your palate.
Philip Whiteman, who has created a ‘Gin Emporium’ at The Old Bell Inn, which displays all 600 gins said “It’s incredible to think that I have produced something that is unique in the world. My team and I are so proud of this achievement and feel privileged to be part of an elite group of Guinness World Record holders. We have accomplished something great that our customers can enjoy.” Guinness World Records said, “We would not be here if it was not for the Officially Amazing people that continue to break records. Whether they break a record as an individual or a team we celebrate all of their achievements. Guinness World Records aims to inspire ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things.”
If you like gin, you’ll love our intimate Ginter bar. With white walls, retro furniture, soft music and spectacular marina views, it’s the perfect place to meet friends and relax. Alongside cocktails and light bites, you can sip on your choice of gin from a vast collection, paired with the ideal tonic recommended by our expert mixologists.
O`Gilins Irish Pub easily serves the best Guinness you will find anywhere outside of Ireland, but you might want to try a few, just to make sure. Combining a friendly atmosphere with good, tasty Irish pub fare and you have the makings for a great day in with a pint of the black stuff.
It's no surprise to find this Gin bar in Barcelona since the country has become the world’s biggest gin consumer per person. The sign on the wall at Bobby Gin reads “El GinTonic perfecto no existe,” but award-winning bartender Alberto Pizarro does a stellar job proving otherwise. Behind a bar made from antique doors, an array of spiced, infused and smoked gins are available, paired with quirky garnishes – think fresh basil, tomato, star anise and saffron.
A place that beats records. DOCE is the Spanish establishment that has more gins on its shelves, beating a record that will not only be difficult to overcome but to match. Its owners: Jorge and Vicente, have endeavored to offer their customers the largest assortment of gin, and the best gin and tonic on the market.

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