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Unusual Bars & Restaurants not found on many other city guides. These places have been added by local people in the know
Britain's oldest wine merchants, Berry Bros & Rudd have dispensed rare vintages to bon viveurs since 1698. Still a. Family business, the shop has barely changed since the Widow Bourne opened The Coffee Mill, selling spices, tea and coffee. The original scales have been used to weigh famous customers (including Lord Byron and Napoleon III) for 300 years. A secret tunnel, now blocked, linked the Warren of cellars to St James' Palace, so royals could pay clandestine visits to the ladies of the night who frequented the shop. The shops cellars hold 100,000 bottles, but patrons' finest vintages - worth a staggering £650 million - are laid down in a warehouse in the less romantic Basingstoke.
I'm a sucker for a good booth. Bob Bob Ricard, which bills itself as a "diner-delux", is a glorious roomful of cobalt leather booths offset by clashing Art Deco wallpaper. Designed by David Collins, it's like a souped-up 1930s' ocean liner with a dash of the Orient Express. There's a mottled marble bar where you can get sozzled on pink rhubarb gin and tonics alongside Soho's film execs.

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