Must do in New York City
Skyscrapers and museums or only part of New York but with countless sights to be seen make sure you include the very best of them in your Bucketlist
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This Art Deco skyscraper is one of the most widely recognised symbols of the city. It offers unforgettable panoramas
Fashionable shops and world-class architecture define this avenue, one of New York's best known addresses
An urban wonder, with gardens, restaurants, over 100 artworks, offices and a skating rink
The lady holding the torch is the symbol of freedom for millions seeking a new life in the US
Carefully restored buildings bring to life the experience of the immigrants who have poured into New York over the years
An explosion of neon illuminates Broadway and Times Square, where more than 40 famous theatres play host to a changing parade of hit shows
The swath of green gives respite from the cities concrete. It took 16 years and over 500,000 trees to complete
It would take weeks to see all the treasures of this museum. It houses one of the greatest collections of the Western world and spans 5,000 years of culture
This Frank Lloyd Wright building is a work of art in itself, and a fitting frame for such a major collection of contempory art
Long famous for it's dinasours, the museum moved into the space age with the dramatic Rose Centre for Earth and Space

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