Thu Duc District
Being so far away from the city center (about 20 km ~ 12.5 miles), Thu Duc District attract fewer foreigners to live. Most expats live in Thu Duc district because they are working here. People don’t have to worry about their budget when living in Thu Duc. It is much cheaper than living in the city center. For a meal, it may cost you at most $1.5 which can be over $2 in inner districts like District 1, District 3 or District 5. Houses are available for renting at more affordable price, too. If you don’t care much about the architecture and are not too specific about your accommodation, a house in Thu Duc District is suitable for you. Besides, Thu Duc district has been planned to be an education district of Ho Chi Minh City where most big universities in the city center expand its branches. Therefore, it will be suitable for you to live if you are working in education field such as being a lecturer at a university in Thu Duc. Public transportation is easy to learn and use. The only matter is time. It takes about 1 hour to travel from the city center to Thu Duc district by bus or 45 minutes by taxi. There are not many exciting things to do there, too! Therefore, it is not a good idea for young people who love enthusiastic and exhilarating urban life to live in Thu Duc district. Just imagine that the bus from the city center to Thu Duc district stop its service at 9 p.m, when the party is just about to start, is discouraging enough to make such a decision to live permanently here.

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