District 7
Like District 2, District 7 is chosen as Vietnamese homes by many expats. Though it is a little bit away from the city center, District 7 is touted as the future face of Ho Chi Minh City in the next few years in housing industry. Because it was planned to be a Western district serving high income people in Ho Chi Minh City long time ago, there are a lot of high quality villas available for long-term leasing. Phu My Hung area offers high living standard apartments which are available for either purchasing or renting. Expats may find their familiar food at a local supermarket which has food from different countries, such as Korea, Japan, and the likes. Fast food restaurants, coffee shops, bars are also modified to be suitable for foreigners. You may feel less homesick when living in District 7. Recently, Domino Pizza just opened its first franchise in Vietnam in District 7. Besides, KFC, Lotteria and other restaurants can be reached within walking distance. Special dinner seafood buffet is available at Cham Charm restaurant during weekends. However, there are 2 disadvantages of living in District 7. First, because it is a remote area from the city center, there are not many nightlife activities here. Moreover, public transportation is not as convenient as in District 5. Second, high cost of living is another drawback. Because of high quality standards characteristic, it may cost you more for the same service in comparison with other districts’.

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