District 2
Located a little bit outer from the city center, District 2 is a less crowded and less expensive district to live in. A lot of expats choose to live in District 2 for the following reasons. First, it is not too far from the city center: just 10 km (6.22 miles) away. Thanks to the new Dong-Tay Boulevard project, it normally takes only 15 minutes to 20 minutes to commute between District 1 and District 2. Besides, there are villas and high class apartments available for leasing at more affordable price. If an expat rents an apartment here, he or she can save at least $200/ month depending upon the size and amenities of the house. Thirdly, if you are tired of crowded streets with crazy motorbike riders in the city center, you may find larger roads with fewer riders in district 2 so enjoyable. Traffic jams don’t happen as regularly as in center districts.

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