Killing Fields and Prison S21 Tour
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Your tour begins with pickup from your central Phnom Penh hotel (hotel pick up for morning tour from 8.00am to 8.45 according the location of your hotel or from1.30pm to 2.15pm for afternoon tour) and a transfer to Prison S21. Traveling aboard a comfortable air-conditioned tour bus, listen to the pre-recorded English commentary along the way, offering some background information on the prison. On arrival, your English speaking bus attendant will show you where to go to purchase your tickets (own expense), after which you will have 1-hour and 15-minute to explore independently. Audio guides are available in 8 languages at the museum for $3 per person (the audio guide is in 2 versions, you will take the short version which is about 50 minutes and is printed in RED numbers or an in-house guide can be hired for USD $2/person for 45 minute tour (we would suggest you to take the in-house guide service if it is available, but availability of in-house guide is not guaranteed because number of guides is limited). Spend time discovering the harrowing truths of the prison, a former high school that was transformed into a prison under the Khmer Rouge regime, and is now home to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum.After meeting back up with your guide at the museum entrance, continue on the around 40-minute drive to the Killing Fields. Along the way, a documentary about the Killing Fields will be played on the bus offering an important insight into the site and the events that took place there during the Khmer Rouge regime. On arrival, you will have another 1 hour and 15 minutes for your self-guided visit. Audio guides in 15 languages are also available at The Killing Fields for $3. Back on the bus, return to Phnom Penh, where your tour ends with drop-off at your hotel or riverside around 1pm or 6pm. Please note: This is not a guided tour. The bus attendant will be on-hand to help with practical information, but is not a tour guide.
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  • Oxford, United Kingdom , United Kingdom
  • 90 to 120 mins
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I was totally dissatisfied with the local guide, her lack of knowledge, her lack of preparation and her lack of respect to the tourists she gives guides to.
1. Lack of command in English language: The local guide was a foreign student. The foreign students may provide a cheap labor source, however, they are inadequate as tour guides because they are not capable in providing in-depth knowledge and explanation necessary as the natives and the locals.. I know this very well because I was once a foreign student myself.
2. Lack of knowledge of the matter: I seriously doubt that this guide has read HP books or saw HP movies. If she did, she certainly did not retain the information. A tour guide is expected to have in-depth knowledge of the subject, certainly more than the tourists. Her knowledge was extremely limited that I felt that she was just regurgitating a few lines she memorized. In regards to the mirror, she did not know what Erised was. She claimed 15 scenes of Hogwarts dining room were shot in New College dining room, however, she could not identify a single scene of HP movie. She went around a huge green area and when we arrived at the exit she said that the green area we just walked was where the quidditch scenes were shot. This one statement was the only explanation she could provide in regards to the quidditch field. So, I asked her to describe which scene sets were placed where on the green field so I can picture them. She dodged my question and said things look different in reality than in the film, and she avoided answering my question. She went right past the New College quad where Harry was ridiculed. These are only a few examples demonstrating her lack of knowledge of the matter.
3. Lack of preparation: A certain college to be closed suddenly without notice is expected especially during the graduation period. In our case Divinity School, the highlight of the tour, happened to be closed. Since these unexpected happenings are rather common around this time of the year, which she was aware, she had enough time to prepare photos of scenes from HP movies in the locations in case she cannot have an access so that she can at least show us what we could have seen if it was open. She had none. She could have walked to the Divinity School and showed us the Hogwarts hospital wing from outside, but she did not even bother doing so. We left the tour half way and went to Divinity School ourselves and took pictures from outside because this building has a characteristic windows which are visible from outside as well. She was refused by the guard from entering Bodleian Library to show us the restricted section. Therefore, this tour became simply a walk around town. She then said that she would lead us to the oldest building in town no relation to HP and to Christ Church to see it from outside. I wondered the purpose of walking all the way to Christ Church without getting inside. Since I knew that this tour will not go into Christ Church, I arranged to take another tour which was titled, Oxford Walking Tour including Christ Church College, conducted by another local tour operator. The tour guide of this tour, Bella, although the title of the tour did not mention HP, carried her photo info book with her and was able to pinpoint each location of HP film and match it with photographs of HP movie in her book. She was a native British and a knowledgeable local. She was a striking contrast to the guide of HP Filming Locations Tour.
4. Lack of respect to the tourists. When we were in the New College dining room, the guide said that it was where Hogwarts dining room scenes were filmed. I said it did not look like Hogwarts dining room because New College dining room had 2 entrances rather than one, did not have the huge window above professor's table, and simply looked different. She said it is in deed Hogwarts dining room look at the ceiling, the windows and the balcony! I then immediately realized that she was just coming up with the statements in defense without substantiating facts. The truth is that Hogwarts dining room definitely has the ceiling of Christ Church dining room not the one of New College, the windows of New College dining room are too low compared to Hogwarts, and lastly Hogwarts dining room does not have a balcony. It seemed as though she thinks that she can say anything to the tourists because they are not going to know. I was totally disappointed and left the tour half way through.

This review is the subjective opinion of the person who shared it and not necessarily of Bucketlist City
what to expect

Find out why this tour is the best reviewed Harry Potter Oxford tour on viator/tripadvisor! Book on weekends to get the best ticket rates. Up to £5/6 entry fees per person are included as part of your ticket price- or up to £11 entry fees on any dates, when New college is closed, as on such dates ONLY, we instead visit Christchurch.

your guide dressed in Hogwarts gown outside Oxford Visitor Information Centre. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to departure time. Unless you have packed broomsticks, the tour will be conducted on foot and you will see or visit inside various Oxford locations including two of the three Harry Potter film sites (or only 1 film site, on dates where closures are published- so check dates below, before booking).

On this tour, you will find out lots about the main Harry Potter actors & the producers and J.K Rowling's decisions how to bring the much loved stories onto the screen. You will learn about how various incidents shaped the success of the stories and films but will also be introduced to other legendary literary characters and writers who are associated with Oxford, such as Lewis Carroll, J.R.R Tolkien and CS Lewis.

Tour duration averages 90-120 minutes.

You may be also shown additional colleges but the Harry Potter film sites which are New College and the Divinity School, also the older part of the university's Bodleian Library. These venues normally charge an entry fee but these are included in your tour price.

NB Notice about closures affecting the tour on the following dates:

New college is closed every day from Dec 23rd 2017 until Jan 4th 2018. On all these dates, the tour will instead visit Christchurch film site but there is no tour on Dec 25th.

Divinity school film site closures are not definite yet but expected to be closed every day from Dec 24th 2017 until Jan 1st 2018. Tours on these dates, we will instead substitute entrance to a university college which is not a Harry Potter film site. This will usually be Exeter college- where JK Rowling is an honorary fellow & where JRR Tolkien studied. Exeter is also where Inspector Morse show is often filmed.


Partial closure at New college from March 26th-28th. The cloister film site closed these dates only but tour will still follow usual route ie to Divinity school film site + New college, where medieval dining hall + medieval walls & gardens are still open to visit.

2018 Divinity school closures will likely take place on these dates:

March 10+ 14+ 19+20+21+22+23+ 30+ 31
May 5th 2018
May 12th 2018

inclusions and exclusions

  • Please be aware of partial closure at New college- cloister (actual film site) is closed on March 26th to March 28th. Tour will go ahead as usual with visit to New college at £24.99 rate or instead you can visit Christchurch at rate of £29.99.
  • Entrance to 2 of the 3 film sites is possible on most days of the year-namely New college and the Divinity School (which is part of the Bodleian Library). We do not visit inside the medieval Bodleian library upstairs as it is not permitted for any guides to take you inside the library itself.
  • Please check 'Exclusions' or 'Additional Info' for any dates, when only 1 film site open!
  • Please also note that on Oxford university graduation dates, if the Divinity school is closed, you will be offered entrance into a substitute college which is not a Harry Potter film site. If you book on such a date, we will make this know to you.
  • If New college is fully closed, you will instead go into Christchurch
  • Please see the section titled 'Additional Information' or 'Voucher Details' for info on any and all dates on which due to partial or full closures of film sites venues that are known at this time.

  • PLEASE NOTE KNOWN CLOSURES WILL BE PUBLISHED UNDER 'Exclusions' and under 'Additional Information' and under 'Voucher Info'
  • Unless New college is fully closed, we don't visit Christchurch. Christchurch has problematic queues & contrary to common, Hogwarts dining hall was NOT filmed there! We visit the film sites of New College (1379) & Divinity School (1400s) at the Bodleian library. We don't see inside the medieval library upstairs, as this if not open to guides. Any dates that Divinity school is closed, we will replace it with visit to another college which isn't a film site.

      NB Please be aware of partial closure at New college- cloister (actual film site) is closed on March 26th to March 28th. Tour will go ahead as usual with visit to New college at £24.99 rate or instead you can visit Christchurch at rate of £29.99. 

    Tour starts early at 1pm on these dates only:
    July 7th +13th
    Sep 8th +22nd
    2018 Closures of Divinity School only:
    March 10+ 14+ 19+20+21+22+23+ 30+ 31
    April 1+2
    May 5+12
    2018 Closures of New college only (tour instead will visit Christchurch):
    May 19
    June 9 + 23
    Sep 28
    Nov 10
    Dec 8
  • Concludes outside Christchurch
  • Explore the local streets on a walking tour of the city
  • Ideal choice for families
  • Popular choice with kids
  • Tour is wheelchair accessible
  • Step back in time on a history tour
  • All entrance fees included
  • Confirmation will be received at time of booking
  • SPECIAL NOTICE: March 26th-March 28th:
    NB Please be aware of partial closure at New college- cloister (actual film site) is closed on March 26th to March 28th. Tour will go ahead as usual with visit to New college at £24.99 rate or instead you can visit Christchurch at rate of £29.99. 
  • Please note that all the film sites are private venues. Thus, while we do always plan to avoid disappointments by checking ahead for published closures, occasionally venues may close without notice.
  • 2:30pm is the normal start time but NB please see early start times in the <Voucher Details> section of this website page for special early start times on dates, when there are film site closures or early closures. On such dates, we may start earlier.
  • Unless New college is fully closed (ie not just its cloister), Christchurch college entrance is not included on this Harry Potter tour (due to queues and the fact that contrary to common belief, it is not the Hogwarts dining hall film site). Instead we visit New College (1379) and The Divinity School (1400s) at the Bodleian library.
  • If the local operator is aware of advance closures and therefore cannot provide access to the film site locations on a specific date, you will either be offered the tour at a revised start time or adjacent date or refunded in full or upon your agreement, you may be booked onto a different tour that is available
  • On any day that the Divinity School film site is closed all day, if you book this tour on any of these dates, we apologize in advance but the tour will run at 2:30pm but only visit inside New college film site and no other film sites. Local supplier will try to find alternative colleges for you to visit too. At the current time, there are no known closures of the Divinity school.
  • On any date that New college is fully & not partially closed, we will replace with entrance to Christchurch


    July 7th
    July 13th
    Sep 8th
    Sep 22nd

    2018 Closures of Divinity School only:

    March 10+ 14+ 19+20+21+22+23+ 30+ 31
    April 1+ 2
    May 5 +12

    2018 Closures of New college only (tour instead will visit Christchurch):

    May 19
    June 9
    June 23
    Sep 28
    Nov 10
    Dec 8

    Xmas dates not yet known- likely closed about Dec 23 2018 to about Jan 4 2019

    Special Notice: While very rare, the film sites are private university and college venues, on very rare occasions they may suddenly close to the public without any advance notice!
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